Mira day 56, just one week left!

Now we can truly say that the countdown has started! Mira is today on day 56 of her pregnancy. A normal pregnancy is 63 days give and take +/-2 days. I am counting from her and Colins first mating, so it could be that she is only on day 55 or 54 today. But I still think the puppies should arrive around next weekend, and for Mira's sake I am hoping for Friday! 
When we are out walking she is fine. They weight of the belly does not press on her organs as much then as when she is trying to lay down to sleep. 
Then she is a lot more uncomfortable, breathing heavy and just making a lot of complaining noises. Me having been pregnant with twins I sort of understand how she is feeling, but I think she's got it even worse than I did!
Let's see if I will be able to update more this week or if next time it will be with pictures of our puppies?!