Individual photos 3 weeks old!

Yesterday the puppies turned 3 weeks old and had a big day. They got to move out of the swimmingpool into the room next door where they will have lots more space to move around as they are now getting bigger. 
They also had their weekly nailtrim and got to taste some solid food for the very first time. We also had the weekly weighin and photoshoot!

This weeks weight:
Ms Orange - 1500 g
Ms Lightgreen - 1530 g
Ms Pink - 1520 g
Ms White - 1420 g
Ms Purple - 1430 g
Ms Red - 1525 g
Mr Lightblue - 1515 g
Mr Blue - 1470 g
Mr Yellow - 1470 g
Mr Black - 1375 g
Mr Green - 1635 g