The puppies are here!

Our fantastic N-litter is here! Yesterday in the evening Heera started to show signs that things was starting to happen so I told her and Dexter's owners to get prepared. 
At 19.00 pm she had her first contractions and after that everything went fast! At 19.09 the first puppy was born! After that they kept coming with a little bit of rest in between, and what looked like not that much effort. When number four had been born both Dexter's owner Tomas and Heera's owners Mina and Marita arrived and kept us company.
It was nice to be able to share the wonderful experience with them, I love every whelping!
After ten puppies had arrived she had a long break without any contractions. When we were passing 3-4 hours without contractions despite running with her, food, water and rest I started calling around the to animalclinics closest by to see if they could assist us.
Unfortunately they couldn't so we decided to wait a bit longer since I was able to feel a puppy and stimulate contractions. And eventually the contractions started back up again and got closer apart until the puppy finally started to show. 
I had been worried it would be stillborn due to the low contractions and the long time that had gone by, so I can't even describe the relief and happiness I felt when the puppy came out alive and healthy!
Here are the final birthreport:

19.07 - Male, correct, 550 g - Mr BLUE
20.14 - Female, correct, 550 g - Ms LIGHTGREEN
20.49 - Female, correct, 509 g - Ms PURPLE
21.11 - Male, correct, 531 g - Mr YELLOW
23.56 - Male, correct, 570 g - Mr LIGHTBLUE
00.56 - Male, correct, 463 g - Mr BLACK
02.14 - Female, correct, 535 g - Ms PINK
02.42 - Female, correct/singlecrown? 522 g - Ms RED
06.12 - Male, correct, 549 g - Mr DARKGREEN
06.56 - Female, correct, 502 g - Ms ORANGE
12.30 - Female, correct, 527 g - Ms WHITE

Heera did a wonderful job with amazing instincts caring for her puppies right away. Always amazing to see how they just know what to do without being taught. Despite the long resting period she had a very easy delivery.
Now we are happy after some rest and look forward to getting to know these new little once!