Individual photos 1 week old!

Our gorgeous Nissan-puppies are now 1 week old and growing steady. It took a couple of days before Heera had filled up completely with milk so the weight gain went a little bit slow the first couple of days. But now they have all gained weight well and you can see that they have gotten bigger. Some you can see is trying to open their eyes already, but it will most likely take a couple of days before they start opening for real. 
Enjoy todays new individual photos!

Weights 1 week old:
Mr Black - 769 g
Mr Blue - 876 g
Mr Darkgreen - 829 g
Mr Lightblue - 910 g
Mr Yellow - 862 g
Ms Lightgreen - 890 g
Ms Orange - 848 g
Ms Pink - 796 g
Ms Purple - 814 g
Ms Red - 835 g
Ms White - 770 g