The puppies are here!

During Wednesday I saw some changes in Segra's behaviour during the day. Her apetite was not as good as normal which tells a lot from this lady. But the day went on without any other big signs of the delivery starting to I headed for bed a little bit before 12 pm. Just as I was laying down Segra sat up in her bed and had two contractions. She stood up had one more and "her water broke". So, that was that for sleeping!
I took her downstairs to our puppyroom (livingroom) and got her settled there. She was pretty relaxed and had some contractions along the way, and at 01.22 am on the 27th of May her first puppy was born. A handsome strong male with a perfect ridge weighing 572 grams.
Unfortunately later during the day when I checked for DS (dermoid sinus) I found one in his neck. He will have surgery for this when he gets big enough and we hope it will be successful so he can live a long, happy life.
After our boy Mr Jackson (also seen on photos as Mr Blue) was born nothing more happend. Segra had good contractions with a few minutes a part, but after a few hours I was starting to get concern. It is normal that it takes time to move every puppy forward in the birthkanal but it should not take this long. 
So in the morning I packed Segra and Mr Jackson in the car and headed to Rediondjursjukhuset Strömsholm about 45 minutes away. We got nice help straight away so we did X-rays to see if any puppies were in a bad position or looking like it was stuck. Nothing obvious there so we went ahead with an ultrasound and they could find 3 heartbeats, not the 4th that was the furthest in. We took bloodtests on Segra which were all good so no explanation there to why the puppy was not progressing. 
She was started on calcium iv.fluids and that did not do much. So she got medicine to help her contractions and that gave her more contractions but the puppy still would not move along. It was to far in to be able to be reached by the veterinarians to.
At this point we decided to go ahead with a C-section. I did not want to risk loosing the puppies or put Segra through more, she was getting tired by now. 
So they took her away and me and Sara (Segra's owner) stayed with Mr Jackson. After maybe and hour or two they came to us with the puppies, but unfortunately only three. The fourth puppy, a stunning correct male, had not made it. We will never know why, he was the furthest in so not the one trying to get out. Perhaps his placenta had loosend, we don't know. 
So what we got was three beautiful girls to care for, all looks to have correct ridges and no DS has been found on them or the stillborn boy.
We had to wait another 2-3 hours at least before they brought Segra out to us. She was tired and still is, but cares so well for her babies. She has not been able to keep food or water down during the evening yesterday and this morning so we are not giving her just tiny portions at a time hoping that it will be better. 
We spend over 10 hours at the animal hospital yesterday and she was awake more or less the whole night before, so I am happy that she has been able to rest more during this night. 

For all of you who are hoping for a puppy from this litter I will contact you within the next few days, so hold tight!
More individual photos will come later during the day. But here are the first few photos of our faboulous four!