Updated information!

Segra has now been in heat a little over a week. Do to the fact that her first planned husband to be Izor had some minor problems with his prostate last week I have decided to change male for Segra's upcoming litter.
We wish Izor the best of health but at the same time I am very happy to announce our new plans. I am very excited to get the opportunity to use very handsome Akono Nayoma Lajaani Spencer "Spencer" from Germany. Spencer has two gorgeous parents and a lovely pedigree. His exteriour is very appealing with his strong topline, balanced angulations in front and rear, deep and nicely shaped chest and ribcage, aswell as a stunning masculine head.
Thank you Carmen for giving me this opportunity to raise some Spencerpuppies here in Sweden. I hope they will make you both proud!
On Wednesday Segra is on day 12 of her heat and we will take the first progesteronetest, and after that start planning for Spencer's swimmers to travel to Sweden! 
Segra will then be inseminated since we are not able to travel for a natural mating due to Covid.