First individual photos!

So happy to introduce my 10th litter here at Kadamo! Segra did such a good job yesterday delivering all the puppies without any problems. For the very first time we also got livernoses! 
Below are the first individual photos of our precious puppies! More mixed photos will soon follow!

9.47- Male- Livernose, ridgeless. Mr Purple.
10.47- Female- Blacknose, correct. Ms Orange.
14.54- Male- Livernose, ridgeless. Mr Blue.
15.30- Female- Blacknose, multicrowns. Ms Brown
15.55- Female- Blacknose, ridgeless. Ms Pink
16.11- Female- Livernose, ridgeless. Ms Yellow
17.35- Female- Blacknose, correct. Ms Red
18.46- Female, Blacknose, ridgeless. Ms Green.
19.52- Male- Blacknose, correct. Mr Black