Segra and Khan has been mated!

As I wrote earlier last week we took our first progesteronetest on Segra on Tuesday, day 11 of her heat. Her level was then 7 nmol/l and we waited two days until Thursday for our second test, day 13 in her heat. Her level was then up to 25 nmol/l so she got dewormed and we planned the last for our trip. In the evening me, my daughter Ellen and Segra started our drive towards Norway and Khan. We stayed the night on the Swedish side of the border in Töckfors before continuing to Geilo in Norway on Friday morning. 
In the early afternoon we arrived in our cottage and Segra and Khan got to meet eachother. And they hit if off playing and flirting. During Friday they had three good mating "atempts", but no hanging. So we went to bed hoping for a complete mating the next morning, and we got it! 
Within minutes after them being together in the morning we had a proper mating and they were stuck together for about 12-14 minutes, this was on day 15 of her heat.
Concidering Segra progesteronelevel I decided to be saticfied with this one mating and head back home, since waiting for a second mating the next day would most likely be to late in the heat. 
So now we are back home, and Segra is back with her family and all we do now is wait. After about three weeks we will do an ultrasound to check if she has any puppies growing in her belly. So until then all we can do is wait and cross our fingers!
Below are some mixed photos from our trip to Norway, enjoy!