• Breedingterm dogs

Breedingterm dogs

These dogs are dogs bred by me from my different litters. As much as I would love to keep a puppy from each and every of my litters I know my limits. So therefor I have entrusted some people with my especially promising puppies. These puppies has shown good potential in the puppybox, both in exteriour and personalities.
They are owned not by me, but by their owners and families. But I have kept the breedingrights. This means that with the girls I have the right to take one litter and with the males I have the rights for three matings.
In that way I can always bring back my own bloodlines back into my breedingplans! 

The girls:

From Kadamo's B-litter:
SEVCH Kadamo Ain't She Sweet "Enya"
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From Kadamo's D-litter:
Kadamo Fire in the Sky "Kayla"
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The boys:

From Kadamo's D-litter:
Kadamo Johnny Walker "Loke"
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