The rabbits

Below is a presentation of our rabbits. My very first pet as a child was a rabbit named Kajsa, after her came Fanny and then I did not have rabbits for many many years. But once we moved out in the country and I became a mother, I really wanted to get a rabbit again. My second rabbit was a Gotlandskanin, an old swedish breed. I knew I would like one of them again, so I did, aswell as a lovely gorgeous grey/blue girl in 2016. Another breed that I have always wanted is a rex, so when I found one in the same colour as my other female, I could not resist. So in 2017 we extended our rabbit family and now have three. 
Below are some individual information and pictures of them.


Born: 2017-03-16
Breed: Rexkanin
Colour: Viltblå


Born: 2016-05
Breed: Blandras (köttras)
Colour:  Viltblå


Born: 2016-05
Breed: Gotlandskanin/blandras